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Get Your MAN Back

Embrace the Energies of Love: Rebuild Your Relationship with a Deeper Understanding of The Masculine and Feminine Shift That Reignites His Authentic Power And Desire For You.

Exclusively For Women In Struggling Relationships

This is not for you if you are trying to win your ex back. This about getting back the MAN within him you fell in love with.

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Relationships and dating dynamics are constantly shifting and changing. What worked a few years ago might cause you to fail miserably today.  For so many men and women it feels like we're going in the wrong direction. It's the very reason I created Remarkable Relationships, to give you the real-world tools, insights and coaching to help you navigate through the uncertainty so you can find your bliss.


Wouldn't it be great if you had the insider secrets on how men are weird?

What would it mean to you If you knew why he's ghosting you, or why he behaves or reacts the way he does?

What is he thinking in those moments you can't figure him out?

As The Coach For Men for 13 years, I've got the secret intel women want to know about men and I hold nothing back!


As much as we're on the path to bring your Remarkable Relationship to reality, we are in fact creating the groundwork for your Remarkable Life.

Your external world is a result of what's going on in your inner world.

We are going on a fantastic adventure of self discovery and exploring new awarenesses.  Together we'll uncover your blind spots and unconscious programs that get in the way of your happiness, so you can live from your most remarkable self.

Isn't it time you deserved and experienced YOUR Remarkable Relationship?

Let's explore if we are a fit to work together.

  • Whether you are single, dating, in a long term relationship, or in something a little more complicated, you've come to the right place. 

    What would it feel like to truly be in that blissful space of love, intimacy, and connection with your beloved?

    What does it mean to truly be in love and joy with your life?

    Pick a date and time in my calendar and we'll have a powerful conversation about where you'd like a breakthrough in your dating life, your relationship and/or in your personal world.

    *You'll come away with a crystal clear path to what's next.

    *Uncover unconscious blocks that were once hidden.

    *Feel empowered and energized to create something  truly Remarkable!

    Plus, you'll get all the details of the Remarkable Relationships Program Coaching process and what it can do to help you achieve the love and connection you long for.

    I'm excited to guide you on the journey to your

    Remarkable Relationship and your Remarkable Life!

    Navigating today's dating scene, relationship challenges or feeling stuck in your personal life can get you down and questioning your reality.

    Whether you're nursing a heartache from a recent breakup, feeling lost in the world of texting and wondering why men sometimes disappear, or languishing in a passionless relationship and want to get the fire back, There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

    I know you are eager to transform your life either personally or as a couple, so I've crafted a special coaching journey just for you.

    As your personal coach by your side, I'll walk you through every step, so you can achieve the remarkable relationship results you truly desire. 

    - Coach Dwayne

    So many singles and couples wonder if true happiness is even possible for them.

    Single people look at couples and wonder if they can have that too and get off the online dating hell they experience. Online dating today is essentially a sinkhole where romantic hopes go to die. Your value, love and happiness is not swipeable! This is something I wish everyone would realize.

    Then there are couples in an endless loop of sexless, uninspired existence. If your single friends only new the truth. So many languish in the friendzone rehashing old wounds, and wishing the other would change.


    Whether you are single or as a couple, I am here to show you what true connection, intimacy and romance can truly be like to experience.

    You are just a few steps away from your next big discovery! This could be the call that changes everything.

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    What To Expect From The Remarkable Relationships Program

    6 or 12 Month Program For Singles and Couples

    You decide the journey. I'll help you get there!

    Step By Step Coaching

    You are taken by the hand through the entire process. You'll be provided the system and the practice to feel remarkable!

    Remarkable Results!

    You'll have a wonderful sense of what's possible quickly in the program. You'll realize that something remarkable in your dating and relatiionships can in fact be your reality!

    You've waited long enough. This is your time!

    Claim your spot by booking your 50-Minute Remarkable Relationships Zoom Discovery Call. Let's explore what's possible and see if the program is right for you.  

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    Benefits of The Remarkable Relationships Program For Singles And Couples.

    • Get your groove back and feel whole again

    • Understanding masculine/feminine energies

    • Create remarkable self-worth and confidence

    • Texting and communication techniques that get results

    • Understand the power of flirting and intimacy 

    • How to be that loving power couple and co-create your remarkable life together.

    About Your Coach

    Hey there, I'm Dwayne Klassen, and I am thrilled to have you here!

    For the last 13 years I have been known as "The Coach For Men" I've helped 100's of forward-thinking men achieve more in 6 months than they ever thought possible in their lives, relationships and careers. Through my Remarkable Man and Champions Club Coaching Programs I have gleaned a lot about how men are wired for pretty much every aspect of their lives.

    However, as much as my work has been forcused on men, over 65% of my online engagement has been from women. It seems that women really resonated with the calibre of men I was championing through my work.

    Because of this women began asking me if I would coach them to understand men better and perhaps attract or help their men be remarkable in their lives.

    Thus, The Remarkable Relationships Program for Singles And Couples was created with women being the focus.

    I am passionate about men, women and the relationship dynamics that create the most fulfilling moments of the human experience. I am honoured and blessed to have worked with hundreds of incredible clients. Many I have worked with for multiple years because they see the value in the on going support I provide in both the bad times and to sustain the momentum in the good times.

    I am the Author of my groundbreaking book,  "The Remarkable Man - Champions To Women, Heroes To Children And Brothers To Each Other." I'm the host of "The Remarkable Man Show Podcast" as well as a speaker on men's work, women, and relationship dynamics. Plus, lifestyle and seeking excellence.

    My wish for you is that you leave here inspired to take authentic action to change the trajectory you may be on and give yourself permission to invite the possibility of having a Remarkable Relationship of your own as you live your bliss in your Remarkable Life. I look forward to being on the journey with you.

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