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Be A Champion To The Women In Your Life, A Hero To Your Children, And Live The 

Remarkable Life You Desire.

"You are not alone on the journey, Brother...I've got your back!"

Dwayne Klassen

The Remarkable Man Show Podcast

Your Breakthrough In Your Relationship, Dating, Business and How You Feel As A Man Matters, And Must Be Your Priority! 

Coaching You On

Relationship Dynamics

As you know, relationships, dating and the single life all have their share of issues and challenges. It's one of the biggest reasons men come to me, and why women refer their men to me.

A healthy, successful, and sexually fulfilling relationship makes a man come alive and fills his sense of purpose and value more that most other aspects of his life.

Sadly, most men wait until it is too late before they reach for help. He'll watch his world burn down and lose it all by the time he realizes he could have avoided the pain with guidance and coaching. 

I'll show you the path to moving beyond just saving your relationship, but getting your fire back and creating something truly remarkable together.

Coaching You To 

Bring The King Energy For Greater Success

Have you felt it? You know, that energy that truly makes you feel alive, powerful and on point with your manly essence as you know it.

I call that "The King Energy". An energy that empowers you in your business, strong in your body, and a king to your queen in your relationship.

I will help you to embody the king energy in all you do. From this place you will have the awareness and tools to step boldly into the realm of infinite possibilities.

Imagine yourself as the king of your life, and with your queen at your side, you can build empires together.

Coaching You On How To

Igniting Your Authentic Masculine power

As you know, energy is everything. I can tell how a man's life is going within 5 minutes of talking with him just by the energy he exudes.

One of the most important tells is how grounded he is in his masculine energy.

Unfortunately, men are feeling more lost, confused and uncertain about what it means to be a man in today's world than every before.

In fact, our pop culture is perpetuating a very messed up agenda. One that views the very essence of a man as "toxic", his masculinity.

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I'm here to support you in dispelling this notion and help you to amp up your authentic masculine power, to be more decisive, more charismatic, more self aware, and never be "friend zoned" again.

Contrary to what you may have been told. She longs for you to own your authentic masculine energy. I'll help you get there!

Coaching With Dwayne

Mindset Reset | Authentic Action

Imagine waking up in a world where you have become the remarkable man you've envisioned. You have your dream relationship as you show up as a king to your queen. You are a true hero to your children.

You have crafted a remarkable life that has you operating from your authentic masculine power and the rewards you experience are a reflection of your energy.

This my friend, is what our focus is when you work with me as your coach. 

We'll explore the the blocks, unconscious programs, dramas and stories you hang on to that causes you to show up the way you do. that prevent you from being the Remarkable Man you know is within.

The Coaching Experience

The Remarkable Man Coaching Program is a One-On-One Virtual Coaching Experience that includes:

  • Annual Plan includes 48 Weekly Coaching Sessions 2 VIP 3-hour Sessions

  • 6-Month Plan includes 24 Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • All coaching sessions are done via Zoom.

  • Each session is 1-hour in duration. 

  • Each session has a process to make our time as effective and impactful as possible. There is a formulated system based around, "The Build System"® 

  • Plus, we dig into the 7 Essentials of The Remarkable Man.

  • You'll have weekly KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track your progress.

  • The weekly Check-In call - This is a 5-10 minute mid-week call with your coach to ensure you are on track, need a course-correct, express a challenge, or celebrate a win.

  • Weekly Goals Sheet

  • 30-Day Successes and coarse-corrects.

Through powerful mindset shifts, mental mastery, and recalibrating your mojo, you'll step up to a new higher standard for your life and discover the rewards of living your life on purpose and the Remarkable Man within through and through.

There are people you care about counting on you to step boldly forward and claim your power. You've got this! Together, we can make it happen!

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It's Great To Connect With You!

I'm Dwayne Klassen

I've helped 100's of forward-thinking men achieve more in 6 months than they ever thought possible in their lives.

As "The Coach For Men", I am passionate about men, women and the relationship dynamics that create the most fulfilling moments of the human experience.

I've been doing this work for over 13 years and I am honored and blessed to have worked with hundreds of incredible clients. Many I have worked with for multiple years because they see the value in the on going support I provide in both the bad times and to sustain the momentum in the good times.

  • Author of groundbreaking book - "The Remarkable Man"

  • Host of the Remarkable Man Show Podcast

  • Speaker on men's work, women, and relationship dynamics. Plus, lifestyle and seeking excellence.

My wish for you is that you leave here inspired to take authentic action to change the trajectory you are on. 

It's not an easy path. Just remember, You are not alone on the journey...I've got your back!

What Clients Are Saying

These are some of my clients I have worked with personally and have helped them create their remarkable lives.

Almost two years and due to a lot of brilliant and tailor-made coaching, Dwayne has helped me to re-construct my mindset and taught me what I’m truly capable of. My physical, mental and emotional health is the best it’s been in years, my business success is surpassing old records and rising, and my relationships have never been better." - Tim B.

Things are firing on all cylinders!

You should take a minute to pat yourself on the back. You came along at the perfect time to help this man, become a healthy man…a remarkable man for the first time in my life. The work you do matters."

- Gerry P.

Dwayne helped me through my separation, divorce and through some very difficult times. His coaching helped me refocus, and find my power when I was at my lowest. The changes have been remarkable and to say I feel like a champion is an understatement." 

- Milan T.

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