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"You are not alone on the journey...I've got your back!" 

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Get your FREE PDF copy of my groundbreaking book,

The Remarkable Man - Champions To Women, Heroes To Children & Brothers To Each Other.

  • Learn how to harness your authentic masculine power

  • Learn the language of masculine and feminine energy

  • Ignite the fire within to be a champion in all areas of your life

  •   What Clients Are Saying About Dwayne's Coaching

    Jerry P.

    “Things are firing on all cylinders at this end! (As verified by objective "Overall Happiness Dashboard" you encouraged me to create!)

    The job is still fun- using all my skills and pushing them in all directions to keep the creativity high! I just sent an email last night about an Edmonton opportunity and received 5 responses from CGI VP's around the globe expressing their interest and excitement at the chance to get involved! Very cool stuff!...

    I'm staying fit, doing 7 km walks regularly with Ursula and still playing hockey on Friday's with the boys. I even use the gym in my house sometimes too! ;-)

    And then there is Ursula. We're about 18 months in now. I've never been so aware of what a good relationship looks like and what it takes to keep it that way. With all the work I did on understanding my fears, issues, strengths and weaknesses over a 5 year period, I am now the stable force in the relationship. I can listen without taking things personally. I can support her and guide her on her emotions. Multiple times now, very serious feeling have come up for her, that we talked through in minutes- coming out stronger and healthier because of it. 

    Honestly Dwayne, I am incredibly proud of the things I say and do in those moments!  What's so cool is how aligned our values are on most things. I've never felt like more of a man- a GOOD man- strong mentally, physically and full of integrity.

    So my thanks to you Dwayne, for your part in my journey. YOU took me back to the little boy who needed some attention. That was a key step in diving deeper into resolving the feelings I hadn't dealt with that were interfering in my adult behaviours.  

    Once I understood and soothed those, I was able to forgive myself for many past mistakes. I was able to stop trying to please everyone around me. I was able to speak my truth all the time. I created confidence in who I am, which provided the basis of my new-found integrity. Naturally, Ursula can't believe her good fortune finding a man who understands, respects, and encourages discussions about feelings! 

    You should take a minute to pat yourself on the back. You came along at the perfect time to help this man, become a healthy man…a remarkable man for the first time in my life. The work you do matters. Feel free to quote me on that!" 

    Jennifer A.

    “Dwayne has been my coach for the last 9 months and I highly, highly, highly recommend him! 

    He has been there to support me through my divorce, new relationship, and multiple business ventures.

    We met weekly and he was also a guiding light for me in-between sessions when the darkness seemed insurmountable. 

    Dwayne, I cannot thank you enough." ❤️🙏

    Tim B.

    “In the Spring of 2021, I’d lost my mojo, and was on a run of "bad luck". Covid could maybe be blamed for some of the mess, but things were not going my way, in business or my personal persona; physical fitness and some of my relationships. My boss and I had literally just been discussing how I could get my mojo back, when the universe sent me an angel. Out of the blue, I was contacted via email by Dwayne Klassen, The Coach For Men. It was certainly odd timing, but it turned out that it was exactly what I needed. He was offering a complimentary Discovery Call, and I thought what the heck; it can’t hurt.

    Fast forward almost two years and due to a lot of brilliant and tailor-made coaching, Dwayne has helped me to re-construct my mindset and taught me what I’m truly capable of. My physical, mental and emotional health is the best it’s been in years, my business success is surpassing old records and rising, and my relationships have never been better. Dwayne is continuously putting out nuggets of gold on his many platforms, and always seems to have something new in his bag of tricks, to keep me plowing forward.

    I owe Dwayne a lot for his teachings and his continued belief in what I can be and achieve. He always has my back, and it’s great having him in my corner! If anyone needs help in the personal development space, especially us men, or even if you’re unsure of what you need, you should set aside a few minutes to contact Dwayne, and just start with a casual conversation. I am eternally grateful that I did, and trust me, it can’t hurt!

    Stay positive and be Remarkable!"

    About Coach Dwayne

    Coach, Author and Podcast Host

    For the past 13 years I've made it my life's purpose

    to empower men, women and couples to live remarkable lives and create remarkable relationships.

    I've had the pleasure and honour of working with hundreds of amazing people that trusted me to assist them in achieving a greater sense of who they are and reignite their true power within.

    Regardless of the challenges you are going through, you will get through it. I'll show you a road map to help you navigate beyond the uncertainty and difficulty towards the desired results you crave and desire.

    • Host of The Remarkable Man Show Podcast

    • Creator of The Remarkable Relationships Program

    • Founder of The Champions Club Exective Coaching Program

    If you are ready to create your remarkable life, my one and only goal will be to work with you and strategize a system that can take you and your business to the next level with incredible and endless posibilites.

    Contact us to get your questions answered and get on ourmailing list for great insights, resources and updates!

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